Time and again it has been brought to our attention that there are men who would love to help in overseas work but lack the financial ability to do so. They sometimes feel that they don’t know enough churches to raise that support. At the same time there are Christians and congregations who would love to help the kingdom in difficult areas, but they are “out of the loop” on who to contact.

This page is provided as a free service to assist any conservative New Testament evangelist that may be looking for financial help in going overseas in kingdom work or who needs support in a continuing effort. Although we may become familiar with many of these good men over the years, listing here is not an endorsement. We encourage individuals and congregations who may wish to help in various fields of labor to investigate and know the men whom they support.

If you you are planning a trip overseas in kingdom work and are looking for support, or if you are presently overseas and replacing support, may we be of asisstance? Just send us your letter seeking support that includes your planned destination, date of travel, and financial need to
evangelismupdate@gmail.com and mcmurray@spiritbuilding.com. We will post it here so that word might get out at least a little more. We’d also be glad to set up a free travel blog for your trip on our website so that you can communicate easily with those back home who might enjoy following your efforts.