The family of God crosses so many national borders that it has become common for brethren to ask immediately, at the news of any disaster, “Do our brethren need help?”  Sometimes they do and sometimes they are ok, and in either case word from those in the field is helpful. To that end we would like to make this site available at no charge to spread the word in case of natural disasters (such as that in Haiti in ’09 or Chile in ’10) where brothers and sisters may be affected.
In case of any natural disaster, if you have news, reports, or information, please send that to and we will post it asap. Forward reports you receive or encourage senders to contact us directly.
If you’re looking for news, we can only post what we know. Determinations of fellowship lines, individual or congregational responsibilities, or follow up with the situation will be up to you.

Dear Brothers:

You surely knew, by the news about an Earthquake in northern Chile (04/01/14 around 9 pm.).

Me and my family, since we live in central Chile, we are not in the affected area.

Two towns close to the epicenter area are Iquique and Arica, and there is a group of Christians in each of those cities.
Thank God, and as reported by the news, although the magnitude of the earthquake (8.2), this did not cause a great post Tsunami. It has been reported only 6 fatal victims, and by now the structural damage is minimal. However, the area remains on alert, because there are the usual aftershocks, and these are coastal cities (so there is always the danger of a Tsunami with a strong movement).

Today (Wednesday) I contacted Brother (preacher) Nestor Sanchez, who lived in Arica until recently (moved a few months ago) to a city further south (Coquimbo). Néstor have children (Christians) living in Arica, and he knows the church in Arica because it was their preacher from the beginning. Nestor had contact with them, and he learned that they are all safe. He also knew that in general the brothers in Iquique (the town closest to the epicenter) and they are also safe.

Recently, I received the email copy below, from brother Cristian Jara, preacher of the church of Christ in Iquique.

This is not a complete account. But after learning this news, I thought it would be good to share with you, because maybe you should be concerned, and with some uncertainty, which would be very natural.

If later, I can know more news on this, I will allow you to know.

God Bless,

Carlos Bello
Talca, CHILE

Hi thanks for the concern. Well we're good. Our house suffered some damage yet to be assessed. I was unable to contact all brothers, I still do not know the status of all. As for necessity, for now at least we have what it is neccesary. Of the other brothers still I do not know. My phone is correct, is the number. The mail is also the one I most use.
Thanks for everything and pray for the church here. Regards, and God bless you.

Carlos R. Bello