About Us
Evangelism Update was started in January of 1994 as The Russian Update, a small paper, to encourage workers to enter the field and/or support the efforts of workers already in this largest country in the world. What began as an individual effort supported by interested Christians continues today in that same fashion with the addition of our humble efforts to also include the Lord’s work in the entire theatre of Eastern Europe; and beginning in 2001 news from any other kingdom work overseas.
We welcome articles about overseas evangelism. They may be anecdotal, humorous, or expository. The page owner reserves all rights to accept or reject material based upon his own view of what is appropriate to the mission of this effort, i.e. encouraging, educating, and edifying overseas evangelism.
Although reports and pictures generally represent efforts of the non-institutional church of Christ, articles and information will be published that the editor deems truthful and valuable to all, no matter what the source. We believe truth is truth, no matter who says it.
Your comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome and encouraged.
Would you or your congregation consider getting involved? Evangelism Update does not solicit or accept donations from churches. If we can provide information about particular works, how to get ready to go, planned efforts, men needing support to go, or funding needed in supporting evangelistic efforts, please feel free to contact the editor. mcmurray@spiritbuilding.com

Our Mission
The mission of Evangelism Update is to provide information on overseas evangelism. Our goal is to encourage workers to go and help provide any information that would assist in going that we are able to provide.
If we can record the progress of various overseas efforts through regular reports and encourage a broader knowledge of what the Lord is doing in those fields, then we are happy to do that also.
It is NOT the intent of anyone involved with this effort to circumvent the New Testament pattern by forming, encouraging, or supporting unscriptural organizations. We do not accept funds for anyone, or act in any kind of middle-man arrangement. The Update is published solely as an effort of individuals, in the interest of providing information about and encouraging brethren to become interested in overseas evangelism and those particular fields of labor.

The Staff
Carl McMurray mcmurray@spiritbuilding.com Editor and Owner
Carl (Mac) McMurray presently labors with Anderson church of Christ in Anderson, IN. Prior to locating there in 2003, Mac worked with other churches in Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, and Florida. He has spent over 32 years preaching full time including  work such as directing a program to train young preachers, serving as an elder, 15 years work on live radio, and authoring a commentary on the book of Revelation, as well as several class books. At this writing, he has completed 14 overseas trips to the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, and Africa where he assisted in church planting, follow-up, and delivering benevolence.
He and his wife Lorna, of 33 years, consider themselves blessed to have been kept busy serving the Lord in teaching efforts and outreach, from two-year-olds to adults, in this country and overseas. They have two children, Sarah and Forrest, and a beautiful daughter-in-law Terri to make three faithful Christian children.